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what is DMCA?

DMCA — a law supplementing US copyright law with directives that take into account current technical developments in the field of copying and disseminating information

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Use of the DMCA for copyright protection ( Google)

Violating copyright pages of the site or the entire site can be removed from the search results of the Google system, by sending an application [2].

Google notification can be sent in writing, subject to the requirements of section 512 (c) (3) of the DMCA, while the search engine has developed the recommended application format that meets the requirements of the Law. but other search engines will find the page, and the link still works

The application states:

  • works whose copyrights are violated;
  • material on the website that infringes copyrights;
  • Search queries that Google refers to pages that violate copyrights, as well as the URLs of such pages in the SERP
  • name / title and contact details of the applicant
  • information about the means of communication with the owner of the site, whose materials violate copyrights
  • confirming the good faith of the application
  • it is mandatory to have a signature under the application.
  • After receiving a complaint that complies with the requirements, Google is required to promptly remove material or access to it (the search engine blocks access to pages from the web search) and immediately notify the person whose content was restricted access. As a result of deletion of access to the page from the search, instead of it Google will show a notification that access to the page has been removed due to copyright infringement. It should be noted that there are no exact deadlines for these actions either by the DMCA or the Google procedure.

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    • Copyright Law of the United States of America (Library of Congress) ID: 1907652 (англ.)
    • DMCA agent RUSSIA 2017\18
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