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Description How to Be a Wicked Witch Good Spells Charms Potions & Notions for Bad Days Patricia Telesco

Publisher CommentsAre You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch? Or perhaps you are a witch who simply wants to make some dramatic, positive changes. The next time you are downsized, dumped on, or jilted, or feel like a drudge, turn to this light-hearted but learned primer on the art of spellcraft. This witty combination of traditional rituals for finding health, wealth, and happiness will also show you clever ways to use magic for exacting just retribution, balancing karmic bank accounts, chastising a wayward lover, improving your personal image, or effectively dealing with a meddlesome mother.

With incantations drawn from a variety of magickal traditions (as well as suggestions on how to customize them) and simple rituals that require nothing more than willpower and ingredients found in any household, Patricia Telesco explains transformational methods for handling both the big crises and the little annoyances of everyday life, including how to: Increase sexual potency and passion ? Improve your luck ? Lure a lover ? Resolve a family feud ? Increase personal charisma ?

Attract prosperity Filled with sane advice and sassy examples, How to Be a Wicked Witch will help you release the witch within.About the AuthorPatricia Telesco is the author of over fifty metaphysical books. She regularly gives lectures and workshops on neo-Pagan traditions throughout the country.

In addition to being a witch, she is also a wife, mother of three, and chief human to seven pets. She lives in western New York.Table of ContentsContentsIntroduction* Chapter One *Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Prep WorkStep One: Bearing and AlertnessThe Fearless GlamouryWaking Up and Staying AwakeWhat Ticks You Off?Clothed in MagicColor Correspondences for Wicked WitcheryWitchy AromatherapyAromatic Correspondence ListLifes Little Rule Book* Chapter Two *Alchemy : Mixin Up the MagicThe Alchemy of Wicked WitcheryTools of the TradeCrystal, Metal and Mineral Correspondence ListFlower, Tree and Herb Correspondence ListProcessesAugmenting ProcessesMoon PhasesWeekdaysMonthsPersonalizing Your Art* Chapter Three *Witchy Vision: Fortune-telling Made EasyPersonal and Environmental ArrangementsThe Right Tool for the Right JobWindows into TimeCard SystemsCast and Drawn SystemsMetaphorical SystemsPendulumsPractice Makes PerfectDont Overdo It* Chapter Four *Curses, Foiled AgainSpells and Curses in History For Boon or Bane?Spellcraft FundamentalsCreating and Adapting SpellsTen Steps for Effective SpellcraftCasting Spells EffectivelyA Wicked Witchs Book of ShadowsAddendum* Chapter Five *The Wicked Witchs Knapsack (Portable Magic)The Advantages of Magical TokensClarifying TermsApplying the ArtNumeric Correspondences* Chapter Six *Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble (Food and Beverage Magic)The Crafty KitchenBeveragesIngredient Correspondences for Wicked PotionsPotion Components and Magical CorrespondencesRecipesFoodsIngredient Correspondences for Wicked FoodsdFood Components and Magical CorrespondencesRecipesAfterword

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